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Re: FC2 - anaconda - bootdisk creation

Phil, how come I can boot fine with 1 floppy disk into my FC2 system? I ran mkbootdisk after a fresh install of FC2 and that was all I needed to do, just like with red hat's of the past. I'm booting into FC2 with the floppy in the same way I would if grub/lilo were on the mbr so I don't think I have a streamlined/rescue type kernel on that floppy. All the modules that need to be loaded at boot time are being loaded. I'm confused as to why people are saying this is not possible, what am I missing in this discussion?

Ps. it's a 2mb floppy

Phil Schaffner wrote:

As has been discussed frequently on this list (see below for a relevant

example), the distribution 2.6 kernels won't fit on a floppy.
Unfortunately mkbootdisk doesn't make that obvious when you try to
create one, but trying to boot from it will fail.  Has been some
discussion of whether or not a pared-down kernel can be made to fit,
possibly on a larger-than-1440k floppy, but haven't seen any reports of

Can create a grub boot floppy for MBR emergencies - also discussed in
the past.

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