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Re: palm zire and fc2

Ed Gurski escribió:

I use J-pilot for my Pilot Tungsten. In order for you to get it working
do the following:

yum -y install jpilot
That's it... It will even set appointments for you in Evolution and add
e-mail addresses...

Hi Ed,
Could you please explain this a little bit further. The last gnome-conduits shipped with FC2 don't work at all... gpilotd crashes all the time.
I've been trying to find a replacement, something that allowed me to keep my Palm backed-up, and at the same time kept my Evolution Contacts in sync with the Palm AddressBook (that'd be enough... I don't care that much for the appointments for the time being).

I didn't know that JPilot can sync w/Evolution... is that what you mean? Can you please give me some hints as to how to get that working?

I've just done a quick search in /usr/share/docs/jpilot in my FC2 box and there's no reference to Evolution, nor in the jpilot website.
I've also run a couple of searches in Google, and even if jpilot and Evolution are mentioned together in a (very) few posts in several forums, I couldn't find any how-to. And the preferences dialog in jpilot itself has no reference to Evolution. So I'm a little lost here... :(



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