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gnome themes not displaying accurately

hi people

Does anyone else have trouble with certain themes under gnome? I have experienced this problem all the way through from RedHat 8 to Fedora Core 2 and have only now decided to find out if it is just me or not ...

1. Download the smoothgnome theme from http://www.themedepot.org/itemdetail.php4?id=1437
2. Open Preferences -> Themes.
3. Drag theme from nautilus into theme window.
4. Click install.
5. Go to Theme Details -> Controls, and select SmoothGNOME from the list.
6. Compare theme to original screenshot.
7. Weep openly in public places coz it never works and your new desktop theme is butt ugly.

I haven't come across others weeping in my towns main square so is this happening to just me?



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