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Re: New User - Part 2

Welcome to linux! I'm new but only to Fedora. I don't know any Fedora related books out there and I don't expect you'll find many on the shelves because of the fact these distributions change so much so quickly. I think the the Orielly book series are really good if you want to dive into something specific. They also have a "Freebook" section where they post certain books online which is nice. http://rute.sourceforge.net also has a good tutorial which covers a little of everything that you might like too.

From one newbie to another, good luck!


Shadow wrote:

Well....I decided to make the plunge and bought that Linux box that I
mentioned in my last post.  It's sitting in my dining room right now.  I
booted it up for the first time a few minutes ago....nice interface!  So
now, I need some docs.  I downloaded those on the site as .pdf but would
like to purchase some books.....preferably not the **for dummies**
series.  What are some of the fav books out there for Fedora 2?  I need
the user's and admininstration books as this machine WILL be integrated
into my network this weekend when I take down, finally for good, the NT


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