FC2 Issues

Marc Lucke marc at marcsnet.com
Thu Jun 17 22:46:03 UTC 2004

kyloe . wrote:

>> I think that hardware vendors would make more capital by opening up 
>> specs for people to use their devices on whatever OS that they prefer.
> Operating Systems such as those comprising of the Linux Kernel are 
> approaching an indefiable era.
> No matter the oposition to shut down or stall its works, Linux is here 
> to stay! Bring in .NET or whatever one desires and try to slam Linux 
> into the artics just because of opinion; the old story of apples and 
> oranges with a twist
> "Wow! We have a choice". <--- not possible to comprehend for some
> There was a qoute from Linus that I can't seem to find. So I'll give 
> my interpertation:
> If everyone went down one path, they would all meet at the same end. 
> But on the flip side, if there was no set path an end would be more 
> clarified, easily understood and therefore justified.
> So, for the sake of sanity, why would one want to shut down the Linux 
> community! It's just so Incomprehensible that it like saying:
> "Yup, the entire universe has been mappped already!".
> Anyway, getting back to the topic. Why wouldn't hardware vendors 
> support the Linux community?
> Sh!t... That question has stumped .00000000000000000000001% of the 
> entire universe.
> Please correct me if my calculation above needs readjusting to 100%.
> Getting back to the more serious side of the Computing Industry, 
> hardware vendors should open their chip specifications, that would 
> mean an Industry makeover for Software... placing the almighty M$ into 
> a new playground as the Little Boy Wonder and his little axe into the 
> Quake III Arena... TEAM ARENA.
> So much for my serious side, but hey.
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Warning:  Blogg alert!

Do I remember right that Bill Gates is a driven man?  Every single 
morning he gets out of bet and worries himself into half the next night 
over whether someone is going to be better?  If this is the case, then 
what everyone should remember is that Microsoft is a company driven my a 
meglomaniac who has probably not really fully enjoyed a day in his life 
despite his success - how many American movies based on $$$ != 
hapiness?  If this is correct, then let's not get it wrong, fellow 
"linux heads"  - there is nothing ultraistic about what Bill Gates is 
doing; it isn't even about money anymore.  It is just a whopping ego 
that is number 1 and has to stay that way at nearly any cost.

When I use Microsoft products, I remember the machine that created it.  
I feel like I should be wearing a baseball cap backwards, a leather 
jacket with a white teashirt & McDonalds stains, have coke-stained teeth 
and be no more than 15 years of age unless I want to be viewed as not 
very intelligent &/or outright lazy.

When I use Linux, I feel like I am close to UNIX which in many ways has 
been around for somewhere about 30 years or so & is used for most things 
greater than just PCs.  The coders that work the miracle that is Linux 
may be on some kind of mission, maybe, but I am so grateful that I can 
download & use for commercial purposes if I chose, something so 
powerful.  With Linux I get everything - hook, line & sinker & I don't 
even have to pirate any software which helps me sleep at night.  Linux 
rocks.  It is the next level up from the playthings that kids like 
playing their computer games on.

All the power to Microsoft.  If it wasn't for them then we'd have many 
more lazy, sometimes verbally violent & certainly uninformed people 
fuding on this list, for a start.  Next cab off the rank is that I 
reckon there's a good chance that a number of Linux contributors are 
anti-microsoft and that's why we get such fabulous code for nicks!  
Finally it is through people pirating Microsoft software (& let's not 
forget the porn industry, but that's another story) that have brought 
personal computers & the internet to where they are today.

People can use Microsoft - let them!  I don't care!  I do.  If it is 
easier to do it with Microsoft & worthwhile, why not?  But I also have 
an open mind and love the whole linux movement and love feeling involved 
in the "bleeding edge" of such a powerful thing and it's free.  I still 
can't believe that in a "you don't get the time of day for nothing, 
friend" world that you can download and use such a full-on, such a 
powerful system that includes most every tool you could ever want for $0.

In fact I feel bad.  I wish I could code better and understood Linux 
more deeply so I could CONTRIBUTE.  Maybe one day I'll get the time 
aside from the 25 hours an hour I spend working for a dollar (cheap, 
aren't I?).

Anyway, there's my blogg.  Sheesh - I promised myself I wouldn't do this!


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