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Re: FC2 Issues

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

At 16:46 6/17/2004, Marc Lucke wrote:

In fact I feel bad. I wish I could code better and understood Linux more deeply so I could CONTRIBUTE. Maybe one day I'll get the time aside from the 25 hours an hour I spend working for a dollar (cheap, aren't I?).

Suggestion: you can certainly contribute even if you can't code your way out of a paper bag. Help others to solve their problems on this list, and you have contributed to Linux and the Fedora community. Find good ways to do things, then write clear, accurate, and understandable instructions and you have helped hundreds of people.

It feeds on itself, though. <smile> I have been amazed by the fact that after I put my "Sendmail SMTP AUTH HOWTO" online and started working on a few other documents (mostly the "Small Netserver HOWTO" although I also offered to co-author the "Simple Mailserver HOWTO" with Benjamin Weiss), over 12,000 visitors have visited Simpaticus.com. Now I feel *responsible* for improving and growing the documents somehow!

Find some way to feel that you contribute... it's a wonderful feeling, really. I may not be all that useful, but I know that I contribute at least a little and that makes me happy.


Thanks Rodolfo - thanks for telling me your story. I've tried to contribute to helping where I can on this list but I can get a bit carried away with rubbish things. I also find myself very pushed for time so again your suggestion of a webpage/site is also a good one: that way I can answer people and say "hey, how about going to my FAQ?".

To tell the truth though, I'm flat out like a lizard drinking (an Aussie phrase meaning very time-starved) just making & learning how all this wonderful stuff works! I also find a lot of great stuff via search engines and I wonder sometimes whether my web page would do it better than another's. Perhaps the idea is to put a link to someone else's web page when they do a good enough job. Stops wheels from being re-invented.

Okay, so now I can contribute. Now I just have to steal back some of my life to do so :-)

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