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Re: Grub entry to start without X

If the X server doesn't startup correctly at level5 then you will have the text login to perform your repairs without switching run levels. Just press alt+[123456]

Carnal Ortega wrote:
Out of habit I boot into runlevel 3 by default because I feel runlevel 5 is like windows. What I mean by that is if video problems occur or any situation where X crashes in runlevel 5 the user will most likely be forced to reboot his system whereis if it occured in runlevel 3 the user would be dumped to the console where he can restart x instead.

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Of course if you want to boot up into runlevel 3 always, then changing

the inittab entry is the correct way. You are right. I just didn't
understand the OP in this way. Maybe because I see Fedora as a desktop
system and when someone wants to run a CLI system why then did he
install an X server?

As always: multiple possible routes and different opinions :)

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