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littleguru wrote:


I have several questons:
1-when I start mylinux server and it said that it was not shutdown properly , do you want to check ? but I ran fsck manually before and it shouldn't ask me any more. is there any difference between fsck at startup and the one I ran in maintenance mode, because the server couldnt boot and entered in maintenace mode.

The easiest way to force your computer to do a filecheck is to run the below command as root.

shutdown now -Fr

This will reboot your computer, then force a filecheck.

Dropping into maint. mode could be caused by trying to mount a volume in /etc/fstab as a type that it is not. I believe setting the last two numbers to anything but zeroes will drop you to the shell.

2-In maintenance mode is it necessary to umount the device ?and how can I find that which device is mounted ?

Run the command mount. This will give you an output with the currently mounted filesystems. I unmount the filesystems that I try to check. I believe that you will be prompted to unmount the partition before fscking.

As for 3 and 4, no real suggestions.

3- can I find another software other than fsck to check and solve hardware problem ?
I found knoppix but dont have any experience with that .
4-what is the best way to transfer data from crashed hard to the new one?
fsdump ? or just cp ?I use fedora core one and need some thing that untar or restore every thing
on home directory .

thanks for help

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