Video DVD burning with K3b

fred vachon fred.vachon at
Fri Jun 18 00:25:12 UTC 2004


I have a Panasonic LF-M621U-OEM Multi DVD-RAM/R/RW/CD recorder and am
tying to burn a Video DVD using K3b with FC2.  The recorder seems to be
working OK and I have burned Audio CDs OK and have played Video DVDs OK,
K3b is burning the DVD OK, and I'm using the correct medium a DVD-R for
home DVD Video Recorder use.  The recorder specs indicate that DVD-R
Video burn should work.

So the burn completes OK but when I try to play the DVD I just get video
garbage although I can recognize parts of scenes.  Does anyone have any
similar experience with DVD burning who might be able to give me a clue
as to what is wrong?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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