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Re: Disk Cleanup

On Thu, 2004-06-17 at 14:04, Per-Olof Litby - Reg'l Mgr Nordic/Baltic -
Java System Software - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Greetings,
> Being sort of a newbie to Linux, I was wondering if someone could post 
> some hints as to what is the best way to free up space on a disk. I find 
> myself  running out of disk space and would like to remove any 
> uncessesary junk left over from upgrades, kernel builds, software 
> installations, etc. Is there a good tutorial somwhere which tells me 
> what I can delete and what not?

You can remove old kernels by using: 
rpm -e kernel-2.(the old versions)  
Run rpm -qa|grep kernel 
to see what old kernels you have.  
Run uname -r 
to get your current kernel.

When I get around to cleaning things up, I like to leave at least the
previous one and, of course, the current one.  

I believe that rpm -e will also clean up grub.  
Clifford Snow

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