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Re: IBM Bladecenter and Fedora Core 2

fkroeger iinet net au wrote:

> Yes - ISO was the standard one from the fc2 site (2.6.5-1.358). It
> automatically installed the smp version.  I have since updated to
> 2.6.6-1.438 OK.
> Interestingly, there appears to be a difference between the blades.
> The new one (as well as fc2 install not being able to see the disks) also
> couldn't determine the monitor type, so I selected a generic LCD display.
> This was good enough to let me continue to the disk partition where it
> bombed out.
> Regards...  Fred
>> That is interesting. The FC2 you used was the ISO image from the site? I
>> burned the iso image on the 1st and we ran into the aforementioned
>> problems. I am not in charge of the Bladecenter either (so much cool
>> technology which I don't get to play with). Is there a version with the
>> bladecenter (or blades)?
>> We also ran into something with the APG display with the SMP kernel which
>> was fixed around June 3 (no, I can't find the message any more)
>> Benji
>> At 10:00 AM 6/17/2004, you wrote:
>> >Benji - I installed FC2 without a hitch on an IBM Bladecentre (The blade
>> >server is a single CPU, single disk model). I selected the buttons for
>> >the monitor & CDROM, powered up the blade & it found the CD & displayed
>> >the
>> >install messages to the screen.  I configured both network interfaces
>> >OK.  It installed the SMP kernel as well.
>> >
>> >Pleased with my success I am now trying to duplicate my efforts on our
>> >Production Blades.  These have 2 CPU's and 2 disks on board.  The snag I
>> >have hit is that it uses a MegaRAID IDE controller.  When I go to
>> >partition the disk it displays a message stating that there were no
>> >disks found.
>> >Regards...   Fred Kroeger
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >--
It just so happens that BladeCenter is also part of my professional life...

You must have at least one 8678 and one 8832.  The 8832 having the MegaRAID
IDE controller.  You may check LSI for source code, but I doubt there is
anything FC2 specific.  RHEL 3 isn't even up to a 2.6 kernel yet.  Here's
the link to the LSI driver on our site:


I've done it with RHEL3 U1 and SLES8.  The last community release I've tried
was Red Hat 9.

You'll probably have to create a driver disk from the source code and do a
DD install to get the mirroring to work properly.  There should be support
in that kernel with mirroring turned off.
Shannon McMackin
mcmackin earthlink net

Linux is my Professional life....
That's ssooooo cool!

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