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Re: Auto loading of scsi hostadapter module?

Am Fr, den 18.06.2004 schrieb Jurgen Kramer um 16:03:

> Thanks, I already had the modprobe part. But how can I get this module into
> the ramdisk image? Normally I make my kernels with a make bzImage modules modules_install
> and a make install sequence. That takes care of the building the proper ramdisk 
> image as well. Unfortunately the 3w-9xxx source is build externally, and it looks
> like it's not picked up by the build process.
> Jurgen

mkinitrd --help

mkinitrd takes care for modules listed in the /etc/modprobe.conf (with
2.4 kernel the modules.conf). Using additional parameters like --preload
or --with you can force things.


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