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Re: unable to install

On 06/18/2004 11:22 AM, Andrew Reilly wrote:

I have checked the MD5 Checksums, yet I still can’t install off the CD’s that I have burned. I have unpacked the ISO’s and tried to install. I have burned the ISO’s straight onto CD’s, but neither are recognized at bootup, and neither install the OS to the machine. WHAT IS THE ISSUE?!!!!!!!!

One common problem among people who haven't done this before is that you may be burning the ISO onto the CD as a file, rather than an image. Forgive me if this is not the case, it's not clear from your message. When burning an ISO image, you normally have to select a special command to transfer the image, rather than just copy the file onto the CD.

When you put those CD's into CD-rom drive on a working computer, what do you see? Do you see a single file named *.iso? Or do you see a whole bunch of files and directories?

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