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Re: scary RAID-1 problems

Jack Howarth wrote:

Well things seem stable now. I can do a complete
shutdown to a powered off state and restart with
the bootloader being found in the MBR now as well
as a warm reboot. At this point I am wondering if
the stage2 error I initially saw might have been
related to the machine attempting to boot off of
the second SATA drive at /dev/sdb in the RAID-1
array (due to the first not coming up for some
reason). If that is the case it would suggest
the Tux Tip for making the second drive bootable
may not really work.
Also I am still very concerned about this issue of grub-install not being able to write
the MBR for RAID-1 drives after the initial
installation. This really needs to be addressed
for FC3. Otherwise what options to I have if
my MBR gets managled other than resorting to a
clean install of FC2? Blah.
ps On the positive side I did see the resync of
the two drives after I finally got the RAID-1
to boot again so I know the RAID-1 really works

The procedure has been tested to work fine on scsi and ide drives with earlier RH9 and FC1 installations.
And it has been tested with ide drives so far on FC2.
By tested I mean follow the procedure, shutdown, remove one disk, boot at least to the grub menu, shutdown, swap which disk is removed, boot at least to the grub menu again. If you power down at the grub menu the status of raid partitions is unaltered so everything remains in sync when you subsequently boot with both drives installed.

So either the procedure was not adapted to your configuration correctly, or this is a new SATA related issue, or something more complex was happening with your hardware.

I can verify your procedure if you provide a copy of your grub.conf and what commands you used.
Any SATA or hardware related issues will require someone else's help. I don't have that on any machines here yet.
You could however follow the same testing process I described above to establish whether the MBR on both drives is correctly initialized for grub to locate stage2 files in /boot.


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  Chris Johnson, RHCE #807000448202021

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