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Re: scary RAID-1 problems

Jack Howarth wrote:

At this point my main concern is the bugzilla report that grub-install doesn't work on RAID volumes and reports an error
about no md devices being reported by the BIOS. I am very
unclear on what my options will be (short of a complete
reinstall of FC2) if I ever have to resort to the linux-rescue
method again and need to reinstall grub under that. Do you know
what workaround one would use to reinstall grub after booting
with linux-rescue?

In answer to your rescue question see http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2004-April/msg04858.html
Just substitute /dev/sda for /dev/hda

I doubt the bugzilla entry is relevant to you. You at least have grub installed on /dev/sda since the system boots normally with both drives present. If you followed my procedure correctly and did not get an error doing so, then you should also have a valid grub mbr on the second drive.

Before you put the system in production I recommend that you do test booting with only the second drive, and hit a cursor key at the grub menu to avoid booting the default if you get that far, then power down to re-connect the first drive. That way you know the condition of your production system for handling a disk failure.


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