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Re: Sound Problem

david walcroft wrote:
Don R Maxwell wrote:

You will want to search the message archives of this list. ALSA 1.0.3, as shipped with FC2, lacks the drivers for Creative SoundBlaster Audigy and its close cousins.

I had the very same problem as you describe with my SounBlaster.

I had to d/l alsa 1.0.5 (esp the lib!) and recompile and install. Sound is fine after that.

Thanks for the info about missing drivers in Alsa 1.0.3,I've searched ever since FC2s release and never came across it.In installing do you rpm -e <old>Alsa then <new> and does it include the kernel modules being updated.

I downloaded the sources for alsa-lib, alsa-utils, alsa-driver, and asla-tools. There is no rpm involved here. In retrospect, it might have been best if I could have done a rpm erase on the existing alsa packages, but I didn't. I went to each of the dirs that were created from unzipping the source packages, then the old configure;make;make install.

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