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RE: Problems with medium check for FC2 despite of proper checksum! HELP

Quick Update:
I just tried the media check on yet another machine and finally found a
CD-ROM that would pass it.
No idea why all others had problems before. Like I said, I burned lots of
disks of the same spindle/burner/machine etc and never had problems reading
them on the machines that had problems now.

So at least I know that the downloads are ok. One step further...

I have used the ide=nodma, that's when I got the hwdata RPM error. But I
think I didn't do a media check with it. Maybe something I will try later,
just for kicks...
rpm2cpio reads that rpm file without problems btw and generates a 1MB cpio

So I still don't know why this is this big of a mess suddenly, guess it's
just an unlucky bad second half of the week. After all it's not the only
thing that went wrong computerwise :(

Thanks for all the responses so far!


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> Mark wrote:
> | Hi,
> <<-- snip -->>
> |
> | So to summarize this, here are my questions:
> | 1. If the checksums are ok, can I be sure that the iso files were
> downloaded
> | ok? I guess it is not *ABSOLUTELY* guaranteed but the likelyhood is
> | high
> Did you use the command 'md5sum -c MD5SUM' to verify the checksums?
> Just downloading the checksum file doesn't verify anything.
> | 2. Could the hwdata RPM be corrupt even though I am able to read the
> header
> | info? How can I extract all the files from the RPM without 
> installing them
> | to really read the RPM all the way to the end?
> | 3. How do I get this to work? Is there anything special I 
> have to consider
> | when burning the iso images that's different fomr how it 
> worked for FC1?
> Try burning them at a slower speed, say 4x instead of 48x...
> I believe there was also a post somewhere about CDROM dma 
> being an issue
> try specifying 'ide=nodma'.  Give that a try also...
> Good Luck,
> James
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