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Adding Linux distro to fstab

I've just recently added Fedora Core 2 to a box that was running SUSE
9.1.  I want to use Fedora's grub install as the bootloader.  Right now
I can boot into FC2 but want to add SUSE to the grub.conf file.  SUSE is
currently installed on /dev/hda1(hd0,0) and FC2 on /dev/hda8.  I also
want to be able to access the SUSE shares from within FC2 (/dev/hda1 is
SUSEs /, /dev/hda5 is SUSEs /usr, and /dev/hda6 is SUSEs /home).

My question is what should by /etc/fstab and /etc/grub.conf files look



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