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Re: ACPI: S3 & PAE do not like each other for now, S3 disabled

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 20:54:37 -0300
Pedro Fernandes Macedo <webmaster margo bijoux nom br> wrote:

> Andre Costa wrote:
> >Hi Dave,
> >
> >does this also affect FC1 SMP kernels? I had to give up SMP on my
> >brand new P4 2.4 HT because of random lockups, and I am not sure I
> >had disabled suspend (S3)...
> >
> >Best,
> >
> >Andre
> >  
> >
> Andre,
> there is (or was , dont know for sure) a bug with SMP kernels in FC1 
> where SMP systems would lock up randomly.... If you compile a custom 
> kernel using the sources from kernel.org , it disappears.
> Which kernel are you using? I remmember reading something about this
> bug being caused by a patch (and this patch was removed some time
> ago).

Hi Pedro,

thks for the tip. I did try kernel.org 2.4.26 in SMP mode, and it indeed
lasted longer, but it also locked up sometime. So, right now I am using
2.4.26 single-processor (was using 2.4.22-1.2188.nptlsmp before).

Guess I'll give 2.4.26 SMP a spin again and collect some more precise
info. This time I will try to disable suspend S3 on the BIOS, but IIRC
there was no such option (I could only choose between S3 and some other
option which was not 'off').



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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