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Re: Sensor Alerts

Hannes Mayer wrote:

David Cary Hart wrote:

Assuming that GKrellm detects and reports CPU temperatures that are
reasonably accurate, can someone opine on an acceptable range for a P4?

I was just wondering about the same issue, since my CPU temp goes up
to 60C when compiling stuff.
I found this:

Link to Intel -> I found a max. temp of 72 for my P4/1.4

When my machine is idle the temp goes down to about 48C


You might be able to look in your bios for anything realted. My bios has a section that print sensor values.

I have:

p4 / 3Ghz. oc'd to 3.16 Ghz

unloaded: my cpu temp is 29-32 C.
Full load (After an hour of UT2004) : cpu temp goes as high as 45C

You can get programs to full load the cpu and check your temps during test.

Also, I would try to add fans or check the cpu heatsink so your temps would be lower.

What does this have to do with FC? Well everything I said works on FC2 . :)

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