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Re: updating fedora 1 > 2

bruno wrote:
> sorry for the previous with a wrong subject.. here it
> is again.. - well, and sorry for double posting too

Incidentally, replying to an existing e-mail but asking a completely
different question screws up the threading and makes it harder to see
that yours is a new question. So it's not recommended for that reason,

> i'm using fedora core 1 now, but would like to
> upgrade to 2 .. 
> do i have to download all 4 iso's and update from
> there, or is there another (ie faster) way to do so?

Well, it should work if you just download boot.iso, boot from that,
select an FTP server, and it should just download the RPMs you need.

You won't want to do that over modem, though.



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