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PHP/mysql failure: Can't find mysql_pconnect

I have installed Fedora Core 1, including apache, php, and mysql.

The apache daemon starts (I fixed the startup bug mentioned in
an earlier posting) and it begins with no problem.  I have built
an httpd.conf file with some virtual hosts, and all is well...
except when I access a php script that tries to access a mysql
db.  I can access the db from the command line with no problem.

The precise error is

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect() in...

As far as I can tell, php and mysql are properly installed.
According to phpinfo, php was compiled with


The mysql libraries are in /usr/lib/mysql.  I tried adding links
in /usr directly to the libraries.  But php seems unable to find
the mysql functions.

Help requested, and appreciated.



P.S. Apologies if this appears twice
Bert Buckley                   Uniq Software/Systems
Home/Work Telephone:           (250) 477 2570
EMail:                         bbuckley uniqss com

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