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Re: Problems on a Server with Fedora2 and Serial ATA HD

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 20:33, James Wilkinson wrote:

What's hdg? You just mentioned the one IDE drive. I assume that you
have a CD or DVD attached: is that it? (If it is, then honestly, I'd
recommend taking it out altogether and seeing if you get similar
problems in another computer).

The serial ata disks are usually recognized as hde , hdf, hdg or hdh.

Try to check the disk with the tool created by the manufacturer. It
usually detects physical errors with the disk. Also , use smartctl -t
long /dev/hdg  , wait until the time it tells you and then smartctl -a
/dev/hdg . Read carefully the results. If you get any value too close to
the threshold , then send the disk to be replaced.

I have a system with the same board. Did you plug the drive into the intel or promise sata controller? I'm guessing you used the intel controller in legacy mode since the drives aren't using libata (which makes them look like scsi disks -- eg /dev/sdX).

Boot into your fedora core2 cd1, and go to the command prompt (ctrl+alt+f2) and run "badblocks /dev/hdg" that will do a read-only test of your drive. You can run "badblocks -p /dev/hdg" that will run a read-write test also (and shouldn't trash your data like -w would).


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