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Problems with nVidia drivers


Recently upgraded my system to FC2. I've got a dual-head card in my box (eVga GeForce4 MX440 SE) and I'd like to use Twinview with it. Ok, simple enough. Surf on over to nVidia, download the drivers, play with the xorg.conf and boom - all done, right? Wrong. After installing the nVidia drivers, I decided to see if they worked properly without enabling any of the Twinview stuff. Well, all went well. Booted up ok, X started up beautifually, and logged in without a hitch. So I made some mods to me xorg.conf and rebooted my X server at which point my machine totally bombed. Screen locked, keyboard was useless, and eventually I had to do a hard reboot. Has anyone else seen or heard of this behavior, and, if so, is it a hardware configuration issue, an nVidia/fedora issue, nVidia/2.6.x issue, or other? I've been successful in getting Twinview to work on other machines, but with different video card/monitor combos.

Any insight would be appreciated.


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