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Re: AMD 64 and FC2?

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 18:56, Rick Stevens wrote:
> Mark A. Fuller wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me about running FC2 on an AMD 64? I am curious if it is stable and how much loss of application availability I will notice. Does everything run on it that runs on the normal x86 distribution? Most important to me are Apache web server, MySql, Perl and ImageMagic. 
> > 
> > I'm thinking about buying a new motherboard and wouldn't mind trying AMD 64 if FC2 works well on it.
> It works OK but not great.  There are some glitches with it (missing
> links for Qt libraries and several other things of that nature).  Some
> userland-stuff like Mozilla is compiled for 64-bits so 32-bit helper
> apps don't work (such as java and the like).
> Unless you're a techie and like debugging weirnesses, I wouldn't use it
> just yet.  They don't bother me so much as I am a geek and am using it
> for development and experimental work.
> I'm using an Athlon64 3000+ on an Asus K8V-SE mobo with 512MB of DDR3200
> RAM.  The Marvell gigabit LAN driver is severely weirded out.  I'm in
> contact with Marvell and we're trying to sort out the problem, but the
> stupid thing logs an error message once every 10 seconds about its
> inability to read some stupid ROM signature.  It's not fatal, but it
> fills up the logs quickly and slows the machine down.  I've reverted
> to disabling the built-in NIC and use an Intel gigabit NIC in a PCI
> slot.  Grrrr!
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Just a note...Asus has introduced "K8V" and "K8V SE Deluxe" motherboards
lately that are somewhat different than the original "K8V Deluxe"...no
firewire and as Rick says, different LAN hardware (88E8001) that
apparently needs a modified driver.  The sk98lin driver supplied with
FC2 does work ok with the K8V Deluxe's 3c940 network interface (which is
basically a Marvell design manufactured by 3Com, adding somewhat to the
confusion)...so look carefully at the specs if you are buying Asus.

Unless you just have to buy the system now, I would wait until the 939
pin CPU/motherboards come out...they have been announced but supply
seems to be between nil and nonexistent currently.  However, the 939 pin
"A8V Deluxe" uses the same 88E8001 that is causing the network driver
problem...hopefully that will be resolved soon as it looks like the
88E8001 will be popping up everywhere.


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