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Re: AMD 64 and FC2?

Am Fr, den 18.06.2004 schrieb Mark A. Fuller um 23:55:
> Can anyone tell me about running FC2 on an AMD 64? 
> I am curious if it is stable and how much loss of application 
> availability I will notice. Does everything run on it that runs 
> on the normal x86 distribution? Most important to me are 
> Apache web server, MySql, Perl and ImageMagic. 
> I'm thinking about buying a new motherboard and wouldn't mind 
> trying AMD 64 if FC2 works well on it.

In general x86_64 currently is bleedeng edge, which translates to not
fully stable yet.

I bought a Shuttle XPC85G4 mini barebone (nForce 3 chipset) which works
very fine and without problems. The hardware is perfectly supported by
FC2. Apache, php, mySql no problem at all. Don't know ImageMagic.

There are some problems with mozilly, which is compiled as 64 bit
binary. Plugins, which are generally 32 bit (java, flash, ...) don't
work at all. You can use the 32 bit version of mozilla, too (I installed
it separately in /usr/local)

I wouldn't hesitate to buy an AMD64 box and install the 32 and the 64
bit version in parallel, sharing the /home directory and any other dirs
with important data.


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