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Re: updating fedora 1 > 2

javac javac wrote:
> what exactly is the difference between FC1 and FC2?  surely only a few
> files change...but which ones? 

No, there are *massive* amounts of changes. You've got a new version of
the kernel, a new version of GNOME, a new security framework (SELinux),
and practically every other package has been updated.

Besides, most of FC2 was compiled with gcc 3.3.3, whereas FC1 was
compiled with gcc 3.2.3. That's going to give you differences right

If you're worried about the download time, may I recommend you buy
(unofficial) Fedora CDs from one of the Linux CD emporia? In the UK,
I can recommend www.linuxemporium.co.uk: for elsewhere, ask again (in
a new thread, probably), letting us know where you are.



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