Follow Up - Sporadic, Jerky X Response

Brian Hanks bhanks at
Sat Jun 19 12:28:46 UTC 2004

> Has anyone else experienced what I will call sporadic, jerky X response
> in FC2?  It seems that any time I have a background process running that
> is even remotely taking to the CPU or IO, I have pathetic response in
> X.  
> My RH9 box and my FC1 box don't have this issue and they are slower
> machines with less memory and older disk.  Could it be related to the
> fact that I'm not using the NVIDIA driver on FC2 and I am on the other
> two?
> I quite reluctant to make the switch to FC2 without solving this issue. 
> It's quite annoying to have X become unstable every time I go to compile
> something in the background.  
> Hardware Setup:
> Asus A7V600
> 1 GB RAM
> 2 Samsung 120 GB SATA drives (RAID1 with LVM)
> FC2 fully updated
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Brian Hanks
> bhanks bhanks com

Upon further digging, it looks like kblockd & kjournald
are chewing up a ton of CPU.  Any ideas?

Thanks again,
bhanks at

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