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Re: AMD 64 and FC2?

I have the K8V SE Deluxe and Athlon 64 3000 combo.  I'm pretty sure I have 
firewire, though, as I have an ieee 1384 port and documentation in the UG, 
although I haven't tested it.   However, everything I'm reading says firewire 
wasn't included in the the SE Deluxe.

I wasn't too pleased with FC2 64bit, because of spotty updating of packages 
and the browser plug-in issues, but all in good time.  Give it 12 months, as 
we should be off to the races.  

This box is only a few weeks old and I'm still tweaking and learning my way 
around the bios.  Couple of questions to K8V owners, as I'm in dire need of 
basic 101 K8V bios education.

1) When loading some distros in the HD, they just stop mid-way during the 
install process.  They stop on a different file, each time.  Once in a while 
FC2 makes in through.  Doing a text install doesn't necessarily help.  First, 
the CD feeds the HD some data, then the HD stops spinning a minute later and 
the CD doesn't pick up feeding data again, so it hangs.

It's not the CD drive, as I plopped it in another box without issue.  The HD 
I've transferred in from another box, so it's well-broken in.  So, I'm 
thinking it's a tweak I need to do to the bios.  Any ideas?  The K8V UG isn't 
very good at explaining what things are and what are the implications of 
different settings.

2) I have two HDs set up as primary and slave.  I'll start a different distro 
up by switching the HD order in the bios.  No problem, most of the time.  
What I run in to, sometimes, is when installing distros, they refer to both 
hdb and hda.  So, even if I load a distro on only hdb, it might still 
reference hda on start-up and cause problems  on boot.

So, what I'd like to do is have it completely ignore one bios when installing 
or booting, so it doesn't have hdb to reference.  But, I don't want to 
plug/unplug the drives each time.  Any ideas?

All in all, I'm very happy with this combo.  For some distros, you have to 
disable USB Legacy Support to get  them to install successfully.  For FC2, 
you have to change AGP from 8x to 4x to get it to boot, if you have an 8x 
video card.  And net installs are a bit of a pain to sort out, because of the 
Marval LAN.  But, all in all, it's a good mobo.  

Any other bios tweaks would be very welcomed, though.

Toronto, Canada

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