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Re: Fedora, Public School budgets, Volunteerism??

On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 10:20, Ken Jones wrote:
> Our Public School district needs VPN, but feels it can not afford it.
What do they need the VPN to do? Are they going to connect network to
network with the VPN using public networks? Are they going to connect a
bunch of managed clients to a VPN concentrator? 

> I have the idea that I could volunteer my LINUX skills to the District 
> (a strict MicroSoft house) by building and maintaining for them a 
> software freebie VPN system.
A strict M$ shop...I will echo someone else's recommendation to look
into OpenVPN. Easy to set up and very forgiving of layer 1-3 problems on
the network it is going over. 

> It would seem that with the present budget crunches our public school 
> districts, LINUX, plus volunteerism make a natural combo.

No doubt. However, "strict" M$ shops can display an irrational fear of
the new and different. They seem to become strict M$ shops because they
have a fear of anything but the "safe" and default choice.

> Do any of you know others doing anything similar?  If so, please put me 
> in touch.
> Ken Jones

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