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Re: help: setting gnome terminal font size

On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 01:07:12AM +0000, javac javac wrote:

> in the past i've done things like "xterm -bgcolor black ..." to
> configure my own terminal.  however, how do i change the settings
> for the default terminal, please?

That works for xterm but for gnome's terminal click on edit-->Current
Profile in the toolbar and go from there.

hint #1 ... run "xprop" in a terminal window and then
  click on that window of interest and you will see lots of junk
  including hints on the application that is active.

hint #2 click on the title bar's help region pull down to "about".
  most applications will have help and some clarification about
  what you are running (program, version, etc.)

hint #3 most icons have properties.  right click on the icon, then properties and
  look for the line with "Command:" on it.   You should see the command line
  that is used to launch the application. 

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