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"yenta_socket not loaded so PCMCIA broken"

just did a fresh install of FC2 on a dell laptop and, like many pioneers before me, ran into


where the yenta_socket module is not loaded, therefore PCMCIA doesn't start, therefore ... well, bad things happen on laptops.

  skimming the contributions to that bug thread, it's not clear what the
*official* fix is.  obviously, one can manually run:

  # modprobe yenta_socket
  # service pcmcia start

but surely there's been some kind of update since original FC2 to address
this.  (i'd just "yum update", but thus far, i have not been successful in
getting even a simple "yum update" or "yum list updates" to run to
completion.  grrr ...)

  so what's the final prognosis on this bug?  is there an update i just
can't get at at the moment?


p.s.  it seems that the startup file /etc/init.d/pcmcia has been a real
problem for the longest time, with sometimes blatant errors in logic. is
there something about that file that's just overly challenging WRT
debugging?  just curious.

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