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Re: opinions on replacing vsftpd with proftpd?

Am So, den 20.06.2004 schrieb Robert P. J. Day um 15:32:

>    ok, two votes for proftpd.  that's a consensus, i guess.  i just did a 
> quick search and found the RPM proftpd-1.2.10rc1-1.fc1.i386.rpm.  since it 
> installed nicely, i'm going to assume that the "fc1" part is not going to 
> be an issue with it running on FC2, although i haven't had a chance to 
> test it yet.  unless someone has a strong opinion on which build and 
> version should be used on FC2.
> rday

I won't recommend using a release candidate (RC1). If you search for an
RPM I can recommend from own experience the package by freshrpms.net


It is build for FC2 (Tettnang) and comes with a good and solid default
setup / proftpd.conf.


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