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Re: Radeon Driver

Hi Ed,

I have a notebook with a Radeon 7500 chipset and an lcd panel that will go to 
1600x1200. On initial installation I have the same thing, but in my case it 
is because it has failed to detect the monitor (lcd panel) during its probe. 
I manually set my monitor to 1600x1200 and then went into the graphics card 
setup and monitor again.

All I did was:
1. From the menu - System Settings and Display.
2. Click the hardware tab and set the monitor and graphics card. If your 
monitor is set to generic, you may have to expand it and set the maximum 
resolution. Then recheck the graphics card setting hasn't gone to lunch.
3. Save it and then log out and re-login to start the graphics again.

I am sure there are people with more technical prowess that can tell you which 
config files to check--I am still learning the ropes and only into the config 
settings for other functions that I need to repair. 

Hope this is of some help.


On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 02:54 am, edwarner99 yahoo com wrote:
> I have a generic card powered with Radeon 7000 chip
> set. I can't seem to get more than 800X600 resolution
> from this card using the gui.
> Can someone lend some help?
> Thanks,
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Paul Thompson
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