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Odd Webalizer/Link problem (FC2)

(I tried searching the archives, but got zero hits for "webalizer".  I
know that's not true, but as I could find no matching info I'm asking

I'm noticing a problem in Webalizer that seemingly defies logic.  Since
I upgraded to FC2, I am given a 403 error when trying to access the
Webalizer main index page.  I've got the files themselves resident in
/var/www/html/usage, and I link to them from another directory
(<dir>/usage is the link name).

This was working just fine when I was running FC1, though I confess I
didn't (and still don't) look at the stats on a frequent-enough basis to
know for certain that the upgrade was the problem.  Now, however, when I
try to access the page I get the 403/Forbidded error, as I mentioned

The weird thing is that I created another link to the same place, this
time <dir>/usage-hold.  The same files are being referenced because the
same directory is the destination for each link.  The links themselves
appear identical; same user/group, same permissions.  The new
(usage-hold) link functions just fine and I can access the index. 
However, even renaming that same link then breaks things.

Anyone else ever see anything like this?


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