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Re: Fedora, Public School budgets, Volunteerism??

Here is another one........

they look close to the same
Both do VPN connections

I commend you on the use of open source software for your
We all need to use it more and make M$ sweat.............

Don Dupy
Systems Administrator
Maxxrad PC Services
email: fedora maxxrad net

On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Craig White wrote:

> On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 17:20, Ken Jones wrote:
> > Our Public School district needs VPN, but feels it can not afford it.
> >
> > I am a retired CISCO Techie with Aurora (Ansel) and Fedora Core1
> > networked in my spare bedroom.
> >
> > I have the idea that I could volunteer my LINUX skills to the District
> > (a strict MicroSoft house) by building and maintaining for them a
> > software freebie VPN system.
> >
> > It would seem that with the present budget crunches our public school
> > districts, LINUX, plus volunteerism make a natural combo.
> >
> > Do any of you know others doing anything similar?  If so, please put me
> > in touch.
> -----
> Check this out for easy, firewall/routers...
> <http://www.ipcop.org/>
> Craig
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