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From: "Daniel B. Thurman" <dant cdkkt com>

> Hi,
> Sean, this message is NOT directed at you.  It is intended to
> be directed at *all* developers that have an 'attitude' with
> regard to what goes into Linux.
> =====================================================
> Previously, I had said that my Belkin KVM worked when
> using .proto=imp but alas that is NOT the case.  I am
> now testing the .proto=bare case but wont know till I
> check it out every few days switch between computers.
> (The problem (jumping cursors) does not break right away
> but it *does* break in the case of imp.)
> I also want to add a comment on what Tom is trying to say
> (although I don't want to put words in his mouth) to those
> of you too lazy to implement a fix for issues like this:
> "Microstiff is probably happy and gleeful that idiot programmers
> of Linux just don't get it from a business perpective.  M$ will
> continue to RULE the desktop because they attend to the details
> and FIX things that support OLD hardware including the "lowly"

Belkin KVMs are, after lamentably large experience with them, fancy
pieces of crap. My 8 port switch, new enough to have USB support,
came with vicious video ringing. I reported this to Belkin. They
sent me a "used to death supposedly reconditioned" replacement that
was worse than the original. So I dug into the original and found a
sweet spot to insert a capacitor that cleared enough of the ringing
I can use the KVM. I sent the broken one back to them with a nasty

It is still not worth the money I paid for it. It loses its little
mind on both Linux and Windows. Usually it's the keyboard that gets
lost on a reboot when using USB. I use PS2 into the KVM for the
keyboard. So I unplug the cable and plug it back in to reboot the
keyboard. This may work with mice, too. Having to do this is a
crock. But it's "Belkin." I know *I* am not purchasing another one
from them until I hear they've learned some basic VHF engineering
practices and don't let manufacturing "value engineer" out the
capacitors that prevent oscillation in the amplifiers.

The problem is not Microsoft versus Linux with KVMs. The problem is
just basic shoddy design in your Belkin. It is a piece of crap. It
loses its wee little pathetic mind with Windows 2K, Windows XP, RedHat
Linux 9 )to a slightly lesser degree!), and even at the bios level on
some PCs. So foaming at the mouth about Linux in this regard is stupid,
uncultured, and wastes time on the list.

(The model I have is something like OmniView Pro 8 port. It's tucked
away where I can't see it at the minute. My partner's seen problems
of a similar nature with another 8 port Belkin model. So it's generic
to their #$(**# #$ firmware.)

> I hope that I have been able to get your blood boiling red hot?

But you're apparently too stupid to direct the anger at the right
victim. So I quit reading here. Belkin == trash regardless of whether
Fedora or Knoppix or Microsoft or Apple or the Man In The Moon mgiht
be trash.


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