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Re: Problems with the configuration of FC2

Am Mo, den 21.06.2004 schrieb Pablo um 0:47:

> Can anybody tell me how do I do to configure the sound? I´ve got 2 sound cards installed
> (an EMU10K SB Live! and an on-board NVidia). Is there any configuration script like sndconfig?


> And what about linuxconf? Is there anything like that?

linuxconf is obsolete since a long time (still under Redhat). Use
system-config-<TAB> tools.

> Another question. Is there any tool to update the system like kpackage or synaptics?

There is synaptics (i.e. at fedora.us) and yumi

Please look at www.fedorafaq.org for hints on getting software for
Fedora Core.


P.S. And please post in plain text format to the list and not html

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