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is dovecot really better than uw-imapd?

I'd like to query whether most agree that dovecot is better than uw-imapd & whether it is going to remain a part of the Fedora/Redhat projects and is therefore worthwhile sticking with? I say this because I am seriously considering going back to uw-imapd. I think dovecot is much slower - & without apparent reason - on 2 systems that I have changed over (one an older machine running FC1 and another a newer system with FC2) that ran uw-imapd a lot faster. Also I keep getting a really irritating "invalid mask" error that I never got with uw-imapd.

I'm doing more research before throwing the bath water out with the baby.

I've heard positive stuff on this list about dovecot - has anyone else had my sort of problems? Anyone fixed them?

Oh - I do access the email via from multiple machines Squirrel-mail, Thunderbird & sometimes my collegue will also go in & have a look so simultaneous access is possible. I know that dovecot is not designed to share the mailbox (or Linux isn't - whatever) but uw-imapd never seemed to have a problem.


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