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Re: is dovecot really better than uw-imapd?

Am Mo, den 21.06.2004 schrieb Marc Lucke um 1:43:

> I answer all my other email on top of the quoted message I am replying 
> to because this seems to be the standard way to do things in the 
> business world.  Indeed I like it because you can read answers straight 
> up without having to scroll.  So why does everyone on this list still 
> append their contirbution?  Anyone know?  I find it a bit annoying.

> Marc

Because so many so called managers - or whom do you have in mind when
speaking about business world? - are helpless without their secretary.
And having to write something by their own and not by dictating it the
secretary they are too lame to strip down things they reply to, order
arguments and do else what makes it comfortable and custom for western
culture reading people: reading from top to bottom.

I find it annoying to have top-posts and then have to scroll from top to
bottom, back up to middle and so forth, to be able to follow a
discussion thread - if it is even possible.


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