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Re: is dovecot really better than uw-imapd?

Marc Lucke wrote:
Marc Lucke wrote:

I answer all my other email on top of the quoted message I am replying to because this seems to be the standard way to do things in the business world. Indeed I like it because you can read answers straight up without having to scroll. So why does everyone on this list still append their contirbution? Anyone know? I find it a bit annoying.

This is bound to start a flame war but here goes:

A: Top posting
Q: What is the most annoying thing on mail lists?

In the business world people are more concerned with blurting out an
answer rather than working to resolve a problem. I hate when I get
an email with a bazillion follow-ups. Reading the whole thing backwards
is Microsoft's way of doing things and I waste a lot of time doing
things their way (when I'm at work!). Oh, notice that I've cut out the
portions of this message that are not longer useful! This is called
netiquette we've been doing this before Microsoft had Windows and AOL
thought it was the net.

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