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Well I'll say, Get new hardware.

I've used several KVM's on different computers and Linux. The should be
what level of hardware emulation your KVM has. Switching without
emulation can screw X. Having a 4 position non-emulation KVM between 4
300MHz boxes running as Round Robin servers bears no problems as these
machines do not run X.

Emulation is needed for this box I am now using (2 box, 4 CPU clustered
Beowulf) an IOGear GCS62. Linux sees keyboard at all times no problems.
Emulation is 3-button generic PS/2 mouse. Not what is really attached
(Logitech Marble FX) but, close enough. IOGeaqr has no plans to

GCS62 has no buttons or switches; 2 little LED to indicate which side is
active. Just plug it in and it works. 2 presses on Scroll-Lock and I
switch between nodes. 3 presses and it will switch automatically ever
few seconds so I can monitor both.

I have had the system freeze and not respond (still investigating this),
but could not say it is because of mouse/keyboard/KVM.

Thanks for your support,

GregS <><
gswallow cfl rr com

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