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X lock / crash + slowdowns - fc2

I thought getting latest updates and/or disabling random screen savers
may have fixed my X lockups. Been several week since I had one. Anyhow,
it happened tonight. Was resizing a "konsole" window in kde when lock
occurred. Double arrow curson was constantly on screen and would move
with mouse. But mouse clicks and keyboard had no effect. Could not
ctrl-alt-bksp to restart X.

Went to win98 box and started vncviewer and it came up running kde ok so
OS was ok. Killed X from there and logged in again to kde from linux box
and it came up again ok. Saw nothing in /var/log/messages indicating a

Also, see strange slowdowns in mozilla mail while typing this. If text
highlighted (copied to clipboard) the first time I cannot type further
until I move to another window with the mouse and then back to the mail

I don't see these problem when running Xvnc / vncviewer / win98, i.e.,
when Xorg  is not in the picture. Video is nvidia with stock drivers.

Not sure if the slowdown I see after selecting text and the X lockup are
related. System is 500mhz ath with 384M. Ran rh7.2 fine before this.

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