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Re: centralized site for FC2 multimedia?

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, Matthew Miller wrote:

On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 05:35:16PM -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  so, any sites devoted to MM on FC2 that have legitimately
useful and tested info?

The freshrpms site you mention has been very good to me.

oh, i know about freshrpms and the other RPM sites for FC2. it's not the availability of RPMs that i think is the issue -- it's the apparent lack of a centralized site for FC2 support that can get frustrating sometimes.

first, consider www.tldp.org, the linux doc project. reasonably well laid out, HOWTOs broken into convenient categories for fast searching, but some of the stuff there is hideously out of date, making it fairly useless for a lot of newer topics. in short, the overall structure is fairly good, but must of the content is obsolete from the fedora perspective.

then there's a number of fedora-related sites that have sprung up, like fedoranews.org and fedorafaq.org. fedoranews has lots of cool, timely stuff, but its organization of articles is totally chaotic and, in some cases, inappropriate -- some of the "fedora" articles have nothing whatever to do with fedora. so the content is, with some exceptions, top notch, but the organization is missing entirely.

fedorafaq.org is another fedora-related site that has some good stuff. it's a little more organized -- has some definitely useful FAQs -- but is obviously not complete, being a FAQ, which is fine in that respect.
then there's fedoraforum.org, which also has good stuff, and of course the fedora mailing list archives, and on and on. lots of sites and sources of information, all with their respective strengths and weaknesses. and, of course, the RPMs themselves are at yet other sites.

it seems that what's missing is some centralized structure to all of this.
it would be handy to some kind of hierarchical umbrella over all this scattered information, so people don't keep asking the same question, like, "how can i mount my NTFS filesystem?" the fact that questions like this come up *repeatedly* is pretty solid evidence that something is lacking.

as one thought, while many people want to start fedora-related information sites that are as comprehensive as possible, it might be more useful for some of these people to focus more narrowly. personally, i was interested in a multimedia-related site for FC2, but i haven't found one.
for the most part, if you ask the question, "how do i play DVDs on FC2?",
what you typically get as an answer is "yum install xine", or something like that. very terse, and nothing to help you out if something goes wrong.

given that most of this information is out there *somewhere*, i think it would be immensely useful to start an *organized* set of links to URLs which explain this stuff, broken into categories like www.tldp.org. i can already see, let's say, a multimedia section:

  Sound configuration (OSS, ALSA)
  Playing DVDs
  Digital video

perhaps another section on, say, filesystems:

  Getting NTFS support
  Working with encrypted filesystems

like i said, i know all this info is out there somewhere, but it's just annoyingly hard to get to at times. you need to go *here* for a HOWTO, *there* for a user guide, *there* for the FAQ and *there* for the actual RPM. surely there's a better way to do this.


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