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Re: burner disappears after update kernel

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 01:59:39PM +0200, Marc wrote:

> > You should access the burner with the IDE name convention, e.g.
> > "/dev/hdd". I understand that now IDE devices, although mapped to SCSI
> > devices, can be accessed with the usuale IDE naming convention. This
> > affects not only the kernel, but cdrecord too.
> Does cdrecord supports dev=/dev/hdd or so ??  since a cdrecord -scanbus
> only shows the first and not both cdrom drives.

>From the FC2 release notes:

The 2.6 kernel provides a new and much-improved mechanism (known as
SG_IO) for applications that must send raw commands to storage
devices. This includes applications for burning CDs or for extracting
data from audio CDs. SG_IO also eliminates the need for ide-scsi
emulation, where boot-time parameters such as hdd=ide-scsi were
required to support ATAPI CD burners.

Applications packaged as part of Fedora Core 2 have been adjusted to
take advantage of SG_IO. For example, to burn a CD using cdrecord, the
old-style command was similar to this:

cdrecord --dev=0,0,0 <iso-file>

With SG_IO, the command would be similar to this:

cdrecord --dev=<device> <iso-file>

Where <device> could be any valid IDE (/dev/hdc) or SCSI/USB
(/dev/scd0) device file name.

Anand Buddhdev
Celtel International

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