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Re: FC1 Bind 9.2.2 Help needed

Am Mo, den 21.06.2004 schrieb itelephone um 4:04:

> Please help me on fc1 dns configuration, I have tried to configure using the bind configuration tools.
> It does not work. after adding the forward zone and reverse zone it does not add the records to
> named.conf file. but it's create the zone file in to chroot.

If you installed the bind-chroot package that is normal and used for
security reasons. Why is that a problem for you? Please search the list
archive for the bind / chroot topic as it was explained already a couple
of times.

> Please let me know how can I configure a master dns server in command line without the GUI. If I
> install FC1 without the GUI, Can I change the named.conf file as per, previous version of redhat
> linux (8.0) or is there any manual online configuration tips available ?

Please read

IIRC RH8 had bind version 9 too already, so you could copy a previously
existing, working bind configuration to Fedora.

> Regards 
> William     


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