problems recognizing drives on a Promise SuperTrak

Jack Howarth howarth at
Mon Jun 21 12:25:41 UTC 2004

   Have your tried running the FC2 installer far enough to see
if the new promise-sata driver in Linux 2.6 recognizes the drives
attached to your Promise SuperTrak? You might consider skipping
directly to FC2 if they are seen properly. Promise doesn't intend
to release their properiety Linux promise RAID driver for any
kernels past Linux 2.4. If you use their Linux promise RAID driver
you will not be able to cleanly upgrade to FC2 without losing
the data on those drives. 
   Assuming you already don't have data on those drives, you would
want to switch the Promise SuperTrak from RAID mode to Ultra mode
in its BIOS interface and then install FC2. Just configure the
drives attached to the SuperTrak as a Software RAID using the
Anaconda tool for doing that.

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