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Re: Problem playing DVDs in FC2

you can use ogle dvd player , it works for me fine, try it

Motor wrote:
On Sun, 20 Jun 2004 17:16:49 +0200, Marcel Janssen wrote:

can you try the following :
#	Load  "glx"

I've been experimenting with changes, and here's some more info:

I undid the changes you suggested (removing the glx module) so I'm back
with the xorg.conf I started with.

I tried starting X with just an xterm (no GNOME or even window manager)...
and playing DVDs using the XVideo extension worked fine. I gradually added
in bits of things (running the gnome-panels manually and lots of large
apps) and nothing provoked a failure -- until I ran either ROX desktop or
Nautilus, but *only* when they were used to draw the desktop, and *only*
the desktop had a large image as a wallpaper. I tried loading the same
image up into GIMP, but couldn't cause the failure.

So, I restarted X as normal, which loaded up the full GNOME desktop... and
sure enough the DVD playback failed again. My standard Nautilus setup has
a "Vertical gradient" as it's wallpaper (which I assume counts the same as
a largeish image). So I set the wallpaper to "Solid" and DVDs playback

Now I can reliably cause the Allocation error in two ways:

1. Run XMMS before playing (removed all plugins and visualisation stuff
just in case)

2. Set Nautilus to have a vertical gradient backdrop, or a large

Closing XMMS or setting off the Nautilus backdrop image allows it to work.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Clearly something has changed since FC1,
and clearly whatever it is XMMS and Nautilus wallpaper are doing something
that eats big chunks of space that the XVideo extension requires... but
where exactly the fault lies I'm not sure -- is it in the new X.org, since
it wasn't a problem in the FC1 version of XFree86? Has anyone got any
more ideas... like where is the best place to report the bug in redhat's


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