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Re: FC2 could work with this ... !?

Am Mo, den 21.06.2004 schrieb Botoaca Andrei um 7:38:

> Ok, so for my PCTel modem i couldn't find a driver for Kernel 2.6.x, so i 
> want to install a kernel 2.4.x.

I am not certain whether a 2.4.x kernel would work proper within FC2.
Does all tools and scripts know about .o modules?

> Could it work with that kernel, or are the apps made only to work with 2.6 
> (except KDE and Gnome, which need the alsa packages).

The applications are linked against specific libraries where the most
important is the glibc. So speaking about applications it does not
really matter if it is a 2. or a 2.6 kernel.

> If so, then could it work to take the *.src.rpm from the FC1 and compile it 
> on FC2 (with gcc3.3 ?).

Which src.rpm? The modem driver src.rpm? Then no, because the 2.4 kernel
did not compile with gcc3.3 and therefor gcc3.2 was shipped with FC1.
And drivers - especially a prepared src.rpm package - made for 2.4
kernel will not build on 2.6 kernel platforms.

> I just try this at home, but it's not ready yet ... i patched the files so 
> it will use 3.3 instead of 3.2.
> But now i await its completion.
> Is the 2.4 *.src.rpm compilable with gcc3.3 ?


> Thanks a lot,
> Andrei

Better stay with FC1 until all your hardware is supported and will run
with a 2.6 kernel. I think that is best and saves you much trouble and


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