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Apache1 on FC1 - was Re: suEXEC equiv for PHP in Apache2

On Monday 21 Jun 2004 1:08 pm, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mo, den 21.06.2004 schrieb Gary Stainburn um 13:34:
> > I didn't get a response last week so i thought I'd try again.
> You got a response - by me!
> > I'm moving from RH7.3/Apache1 to FC1/Apache2 and I've found that the user
> > and group clauses can no longer be used in vitualhosts.  I understand
> > that for CGI's I need to use suEXEC, but does anyone know how I get round
> > it for PHP files?
> >
> > Gary Stainburn
> The module for Apache2 doing what you want is not yet usable. Please
> read my previous reply.
> Alexander

Hi Alexander,

Sorry for that, an oversight on my part.

I'm beginning to think that it would be much easier to revert to Apache 1, and 
was wondering what people's opinions are about this, and suggestions for the 
cleanest/easiest method of doing this on a FC1 system.

Gary Stainburn
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